Best ingredients

Eye Lash

Idol lash contains only natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals that can irritate eyes or harm the lashes. These ingredients strengthen lashes to avoid both breakage and damage, and stimulate eyelash glands so that lashes grow longer and stronger quickly. Idol Lash ingredients are natural and the product is safe for everyone to use.

Majority of ingredients used are moisturizing agents but few ingredients act differently:-

  1. Keratin is the building block of skin, nails and most importantly hair. Keratin is considered as an effective ingredient for hair regrowth supplements.
  2. Kelp Extract contains a compound known as Folic acid, which is the primary nutrient used to create new healthy cells. It helps to produce more hair follicle cells in eyelashes.

The other Idol lash ingredients create an effective environment for the above two ingredients. Other ingredients in Idol Lash include alfalfa extract, arnica extract, wheat germ acid, nettle extract, honey, chamomile extract, Sorbitol, Vitamin E acetate, Tetra sodium EDTA, Cocoyl Sarcosine, wheat germ oil and bitter orange flower oil.