What is Idol Lash?

what is idol lash

Idol Lash makes eyelashes thick and long and the eyebrows strong with the help of non-irritant and all-natural ingredients. Its purpose is long-term results with no side effects. The natural extracts used in the special formula include:

  • Chamomile extract provides nourishment to help in natural lash growth
  • Honey extract and Cocoyl to promote lash strength
  • Proteins and vitamins for extra length and shine
  • Moisturizing agents to stimulate rejuvenation by conferring lashes more elasticity
  • Polypeptides gives volume to lashes and protecting them against breaking.

Idol Lash is a clinically tested product. A panel of 15 subjects from 24 to 82 years of age tested Idol Lash. All of them applied Idol Lash daily for two weeks. It was found that Idol Lash increased the lash density up to 82% in 2-4 weeks and hair length up to 25%. A variety of clinical trials, tests done by ophthalmologists and dermatologists report no complications. The manufacturers’ behind the product have taken every necessary precaution. There are no side effects associated with the product due to its safe ingredients.