What is present in formula?

ultra herbal women formula ingredients

It contains best vitamins for women which are very essential like vitamin D, vitamin B12, A,C and K. It also contains multi-minerals that are very important for women body such as iron, calcium and biophosphates.
Vitamin D: Vitamin D, one of the best vitamins for women has the ability to boost the immune system and fight viral diseases. It also supports calcium absorption by the intestines.
Calcium: Calcium is an extremely essential mineral required by the female body for maintaining the bone health. Vitamin D and calcium work hand in hand, so it is important that multi-vitamin supplements incorporate calcium to help women get stronger and healthier bones.
Biophosphates: it is a vital ingredient of multi-vitamin supplements as it helps women combat osteoporosis. When combined with Vitamin D and calcium, it work wonders for people.
Chaste Berry Extract: it is an important ingredient in multi-vitamin supplement as it benefits both menstruation and menopause in women. Along with best vitamins for women in the supplement, this natural ingredient is equally essential as it helps regularize menstrual cycles and also relieves pain during periods.
Folic Acid: folic acid promotes production of red blood cells to avoid anaemia. It helps keeping skin healthy, maintains normal brain function, promotes breast milk production and keeps our mood swings in check.