Does Revitol Eye Cream work?

Revitol Eye Cream work

The ingredients used can explain how Revitol Eye Cream work?
Niacinamide also known as Vitamin B is water soluble complex, it moisturizes the skin and also behaves as an antioxidant. N-hydroxysuccinimide reduces the pigmentation and the presence of darkness around sensitive skin. Along with it, there are some peptides added which actually regenerate the bonds of the skin cells by increasing the production of skin collagen.
Revitol Eye Cream work effectively, thereby reducing the chances of going through any kind of surgery or taking any kind of injections.

The scientific reason for having dark circles and puffiness is that the capillaries allow blood to leak close to the surface of skin thereby appearing like bruises. The under eye skin is very thin, hence, this change becomes visible. Revitol Eye Cream work as a topical solution that provides moisturization and improves the overall look by decreasing the puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, thus lightening the dark circles.