How to use V-Tight Gel?

how to use V-Tight gel

Liquid v gel for women can be used topically by applying a generous amount of it twice daily on your vagina. It has to be done along with some vaginal tightening exercises which you get along with the product. If you opt for the exercise program, you can do it discreetly in your leisure time with no one ever knowing. Doing the exercise program is not required though, but if you can’t wait for the results, it helps in faster vaginal tightening.

You need to apply the gel few minutes before you do the deed and after 15 minutes, it starts to show results. If you use it along with the exercise, you will see the impressive change in due course. Along with tightening your vagina, v-tight gel even takes care of the issues like dryness during intercourse. Its topical application may cause a little tingling feeling for some and they may feel uncomfortable but its not the case with everyone and it is very safe for women to use this liquid v gel.