Ingredients contained in Yeastrol

Yeastrol Ingredients

Yeastrol ingredients are 12 herbal elements that are recognized for their complex healing actions.
Borax 30C, the main ingredient present in Yeastrol treats whitish vaginal discharge and menstruation pain.
Other Yeastrol ingredients are Candida Parapsilosis 12x, Kreosotum 30C, Purple coneflower, Nitrium acidum 30C, pyrogenium 200C, Thuja occidentals30C and Acidum 30 C.
>Baptista tinctoria 3x or wild indigo cures burning sensation from urination.
Candida parapsilosis 12x helps to obviate white discharge, vaginal discomfort and itching in women.
Kreosotum 30C cures the symptoms of burning urination and itching.
Purple coneflower cures many diseases such as thrush, mucus accumulation in the throat, abdominal pain, frequent urination and low energy.
Nitrium acidum, 30C treats heat ulcers, skin rashes, cracking of the mucosal membrane of vagina.
Pyrogenium 200C is used to ease eczema and skin rashes.
Thuja occidentals 30C helps calming itching, pain, and burning sensation in the vagina.

Acidum 30C is used to assist in curing oozing discharge and itching in women.

All these Yeastrol ingredients are combined together to form an easy to use spray that calms down all your symptoms of yeast infections. The letters “C”or “X” indicate strength.