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  • What is Idol Tan?

    Idol Tan is an excellent gel formula which gives sun- tanned skin without any side effects. It is non-greasy and especially formulated to help speed up the tanning process. Idol…

  • does Idol tan work

    Idol Tan work?

    Idol Tan self tanner is among the leading self-tanners for a purpose – it gives an authentic golden bronze shade, without discoloring clothes or turning orange. Every little factor of…

  • idol tan ingredients

    Idol Tan Ingredients

    Idol Tan is a new amazing sunless tanning lotion. It is filled with Vitamin-E and some minerals that are easily absorbed by the skin. Idol Tan is an FDA-approved self-tanning…

  • idol tan reviews

    Idol Tan Reviews

    DHA is the main ingredient of Idol Tan and it has been processed and formulated in a manner that it produces the most natural looking tan without sitting under the…

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DHA (Dihydroxyacetone)


DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is a chemical that was previously used in X-ray activity before the discovery of its ability to turn the skin darker, when applied topically. In 1920, German scientists discovered the property of DHA when the skin was exposed to DHA after many accidental contacts. In 1950s, an American scientist Eva Wittgenstein discovered the ability of this chemical to turn the skin noticeably darker. After long research, she discovered that DHA enters only the first layer of the skin, already dead and would be shed within 15 days implying that DHA is safe and could be used for tanning.

Before & After

Idol Tan before and after

A beach party has always made me nervous. I need to hide all but at one party, I had to be in a bikini. One of my friends had used Idol Tan. Now it was my turn. When I applied it, firstly nothing happened but after a few seconds, a beautiful bronze tan started appearing. The difference was a visual delight for me. At the end, I made an impression and looked perfect. All thanks to idol Tan.


Customer Reviews of Idol Tan

  • Martha, Age 24


    I've used many products but the tan turned my skin yellow or orange and stained my clothes as well. But Idol Tan is totally different. It is non oily, non greasy and the tan is in beautiful brown or bronze shades. Easy to use and the odour is pleasant. It's the best self tanner. I would advice all to buy Idol Tan self tanner

  • It's a wonderful product, gives even tone skin and has no side effects. Also, it does not stay for longer and is easy to remove. Makes me feel great. Going out for a beach party or water park doesn't make me feel shy any more. Idol Tan is the best self tanning lotion.