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covid-19 jewelry

Caring for Your Jewelry Admits Covid-19- The Extra Care!

There is no denying fact, that our lives have changed during the course of the past few months because of Corona-Virus. Re-thinking on our ways of living pre-Covid, everything requires safe and heightened handling with masks, gloves and sanitizers. As of now all of us have been habitual to the trending hash tag of “Washing hands”. Amongst all the furriness…

Cognitive Training

The Effective Benefits Of Cognitive Training

Cognitive training is a training which helps in memory, attention, or problem solving. Cognitive training is a part of our intellectual development. It improve general mental capacity. Cognitive training is that how our brain functions. This training supports our working memory. This allows one to store and manipulate a limited amount of information over a short period. How to improve…

4 Best health fitness accessories


Your body really changes after baby number 2 and it’s not necessarily the look that has moms less than satisfied, but it’s the way the weight has shifted and the seemingly slower reactions to dieting and fitness that puts a damper on the situation.  The key to keeping the mom bode tame is not to conduct daily body judgments but…