Caring for Your Jewelry Admits Covid-19- The Extra Care!

There is no denying fact, that our lives have changed during the course of the past few months because of Corona-Virus. Re-thinking on our ways of living pre-Covid, everything requires safe and heightened handling with masks, gloves and sanitizers. As of now all of us have been habitual to the trending hash tag of “Washing hands”. Amongst all the furriness from washing vegetables to sanitizing clothes, there is a little more that we need to peep into. The string of beads, the band of rings, the sparkling studs and even the bangles we carry on ourselves everyday. With the hand washing trend what extra can be done for those wedding bands and engagement rings we wear around the clock.
With the abundance of questions that thrive in our mind regarding the jewels we put on, as to whether we shall take temporarily remove our jewelry or sanitize them separately or wait for the Covid to retreat.

Here are some answer to the questions we all have pertaining to the sanitization of jewelry and avoiding the risk of the virus.

1. Wash your hands with the RINGS ON your hand

Have you been Washing your hands after you remove your rings? Well that’s a Don’t.
Imagine putting on your rings after washing your hands, that’s exactly putting back the contaminated rings and risking your life. Take an extra mile to sterilize the rings. If you don’t wear them, that’s all the more better!

2. Using sanitizer to sterilize the jewels.

If you decide to wear your jewelry and just use a hand sanitizer or disinfectant you run into the same problem. The hooks and knocks of the jewelry are a place for the virus to hide itself and risk your life more. Not only the sanitizer is hard on the jewelry and precious stones, researchers found out that nurses and ward boys who kept their rings on and used a antimicrobial soap( dettol, lifeboy) make a home for the bacteria to grow afterwards, rather than the ones who decided to keep off the jewelry back home.

3. Wash the trinkets

Jewelry is an extension to the personal style. Cautioning that while we wash your hands, clothes and face; washing the jewelry we wear on a daily base is equivalently important.
Cleaning your jewelry with hot water and soap and later drying it with a dryer is a good way to keep away the bacteria.

4. Stick to conventional ways of cleaning:

Alcohol based sanitizers should be avoided, stick to the traditional and conventional ways of cleaning. The remedy of hot water soap and dryout cleaning is best. Having fragile pieces of jewelry one can opt for UV sanitizer if you want to combat the process of rubbing or wiping the jewels.

There are some more quick tips that one can follow:

1. Use a cotton swab to clean the jewels.
2. Rinse the jewelry in hot water and clean with a soft cloth.
Process: Mix a few drops of dishwasher soap in a cup of water and then soak in the cleaning solution for 8-10 minutes
3. Wear minimal amount of jewelry and light weighted chains.
4. Cleansing in hot water and soap doesn’t apply for precious stones.
5. Avoid wearing stainless steel and copper jewels during this high time of virus alert.
6. Organic jewels like opal, coral would be damaged with constant contact of sanitizers.

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