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Women Fitness Myths

Some Common Women Fitness Myths – [An Infographic]

Women fitness is an important part of health. Women today are acknowledging the importance of the fit body. Fitness for women have benefits ranging from physical to emotional benefits. For the healthy and fit body, women should take care of their diet and avoid fatty foods. Proper exercise routine to strengthen muscles, lungs and heart build a fit body. In…

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10 Ways To Carry Out Workout With Chair – Video

No time for the gym, turn your home into one and a wooden chair into your equipment. Sounds strange? It isn’t. With the help of a chair, you can carry out a number of different exercises for different parts of the body. These include – single leg step-up, incline to push up, bench dip, single leg sit to stand, Bulgarian lunge,…

Suryanamaskar Asanas

What Are Suryanamaskar Pros And Cons For Women

The many health benefits provided by yoga have enticed women to participate in this fitness program. If you are a beginner, then your instructor would first teach you Suryanamaskar kriya as it is the best way to get used to yoga. If you practice even a single Suryanamaskar cycle you are provided with a complete body workout as it combines…