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Tips for staying

Tips for Staying Happy in your Married Life

No marriages come well defined in their status. It is the two people into it who either make it work or mar it miserably. All marriages go through some of the worst phases. Some, however, come out of it as winners, and, some lose hope midway. Read on for the expert tips for having a happy married life. Practice appreciation…

Increasing heart problems

Increasing Heart Problems?

This is not to scare you but an unhappy marriage can lead to heart break. In a study by sociologist Hui Lui and his team from Michigan State University, it was found that women in unhappy marriages are more prone to heart diseases than men because women tend to internalize negative feelings more than men. This makes women more vulnerable…

kill your sex life

What All Diseases Can Kill Your Sex Life

Lack of libido in women is a common problem. A number of women suffer from this problem. American Medical Association calls it ‘female sexual arousal disorder.’ Many reasons are attributed to falling libido level in women like depression, stress, childbirth, drug abuse and alcoholism. There are constant hormonal changes that occur in women after certain age, which lead to many…