Jingle bells are ringing in your ears, Christmas is very near. Buckle up and try to have a merrier Christmas this time by arranging for it in advance. What to do and what not to do is actually something that makes you more creative on a festive day.  Lets just assume you are in a trouble of decorating your home in a way that pleases each and every guest. Also when it comes to food, pull up your socks to reinvent the delicacies and the way to present them. Oh! It’s really lot of work you need to do:

Just keep it simple at home

When it comes to decorating your house on a day of Christmas, it is better to keep it simple yet elegant. There is never a need to overdo, even if your house is full of kids.

  • An extremely fun and elegant entrance can be drawn by placing a table next to the door opening and give it a snowy texture by placing a few reindeers on it. It looks just perfect.
  • Centerpieces are rather more important for the day. How can you make it? Buy a garland of greenery to run down the length of your table. Collect pinecones and use them as rustic toppers. See, how simple.
  • Decorate center table with a jar of fruits. A simple glass jar loaded with apples or nuts  and green baby artichokes—the colors of Christmas—and walnuts. Or do bowls of lemons and limes.

I am telling you all this in advance tips, because, you need to go shopping for it.

Buy a perfect Christmas Tree

You might just wander for a perfect tree from the beginning of the season, but make sure, you get a  perfect one. How to do that is somewhat complicated, try these tricks to buy a perfect tree:

  • Pick up the tree you like and drop it on its stumps from few inches above the ground. If more than one or two needles drop, it means that it has not been freshly cut.
  • Trees are sold in three categories—premium, standard and third grade. The premium one is the heaviest, compare the weights and buy accordingly.
  • If you are thinking of buying a Norway spruce, do not buy it in advance i.e. on 1st of December. Put it close to Christmas, as early tree putting up leads to needle dropping. Buy a Normand Fir if you want to buy it early, it lasts longer.
  • Buy from a local grower, if you can. You will get cheap and best. Avoid street vendors, if you want your trees to last long. Most of them sell third grade.

What’s cooking

So many important things done. What is left –food— the most important element of the festive season.

  • Set a Christmas budget, don’t get carried away by more expensive brands with attractive Christmas packaging. Look for special offers on wines, cookies and chocolates.
  • Clean out you freezer. Plan meals in which you can use food already present in your freezer instead of buying new ones. It will also save your money and will make a room for seasonal foods you are going to buy for the festive season.
  • How about buying some foods as a gift? Some edible home-made treats or hampers containing their favorite foods such as fudge or shortbread or cakes or something of that sort. Sounds delicious, isn’t it?

It’s your turn now

Tired of planning for others, it’s time to pay attention to yourself and that can be done only by getting your pre-Christmas beauty sleep. It is important that you sleep enough so that your body gets time to relax and you look stunning on the final day. To enhance your beauty, your attire and accessories goes like this:

  • Go goddy with gold. If you don’t have anything interesting to wear this time and you don’t want to spend an extra penny, a gold neck piece would make you stand out.
  • Experiment with makeup: transform your look entirely with twiggy style mascara, ruby red lips or that iconic smoky eyes.
  • Transform your hair, having great hair doesn’t always mean spending hundreds of pounds at the hairdressers, but you can do it by updoing your hair this time. All you need is some hair spray, some hair clips and a good hair dryer.

Now, I see a perfect you and a perfect Christmas party coming on. Celebrate yourself this time and enjoy your own self. Have a great Christmas.

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