Best CBD for Dogs

While CBD may be growing in popularity, many people still associate the product as something that just humans consume. When people usually imagine CBD they think of humans taking oil or CBD dabs. However, CBD may actually have uses for our pets as well, particularly our dogs. The product has been shown to potentially have a myriad of health benefits, including reduced anxiety and chronic pain relief. In addition, CBD can be used for treating epilepsy and irritable bowel syndrome in dogs. However, before you shop for CBD oil for your dogs, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into. Not all CBD products are safe for dogs, so it’s important to know what the best CBD products are. So what CBD products should you get for your dogs? Here are the best and safest dog CBD brands.  

Honest Paws CBD

When it comes to CBD products for dogs, you can’t go wrong with Honest Paws CBD. Honest Paws is one of the most well known and respected dog CBD brands, meaning that you have a near guarantee that the product will be high quality. The brand’s products are completely organic and come in a wide variety of options that can serve any need your dog might have. Honest Paws is one of the most trusted brands in dog CBD products, so this may be the place where you should begin your search.

Nuleaf CBD

If you’re a regular consumer of CBD products, then you might have already heard about Nuleaf CBD. The brand makes some amazing CBD products for humans, and their expertise has transferred over nicely into making CBD products for dogs. Nuleaf’s CBD products are extremely potent, and give you a nice value for what you’re spending. The brand’s products also go through extensive testing, so you know that their quality and safety is essentially guaranteed. The only downside is their dog CBD product only comes in one potency. However, if that’s the potency you need or are looking for, then you can’t go wrong with choosing this brand.

HempMy Pet

One of the longest standing CBD brands for dogs is HempMy Pet, earning lots of respect throughout the industry. When it comes to all around performance, this brand seems to have it all. The brand is known for its high quality ingredients, as it is made with locally grown organic ingredients. In addition, the brand takes extra care in ensuring that their products are safe. A third party is involved with testing their products, meaning that you can be sure that your dogs are consuming a safe product. If you’re looking for a brand with a lot of good history and results behind it, then you should definitely look into this brand.


Another great brand of CBD that you can go with for your dog is HolistaPet. HolistaPet offers some high quality CBD products for just about anything your dog could want. The brand offers products for stress and anxiety relief, heart and immune care, and joint and mobility care. As a result, you can likely find a product that fits your needs from this brand regardless of what you’re looking for. In addition, the brand is extremely affordable and is 100% natural. When it comes to affordable CBD options, HolistaPet is tough to beat.

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