The ‘Basic Instinct’ babe Sharon Stone is 56 now, but still looks breathtakingly beautiful. It was speculated that she might have gone under the knife and had botox, face lift, and a plethora of other plastic surgeries to look so young and fresh even at this age. However, the secret behind her ageless beauty was revealed by the actress herself and to everyone’s astonishment it was not any kind of cosmetic surgery, but routine ageless face exercises like facial yoga.

Any women can defy age by doing facial yoga regularly. Performing these face exercises is extremely easy and fun. You do not require a special place or time to do them. Here we have a few of the facial yoga exercises that are also practised by Sharon to get that flawless and younger looking skin:

Face yoga for minimising wrinkles around eyes

Doing the following exercises on daily basis, will make your eye muscle strong, produce more collagen and elastin and also reduce wrinkles:

  • The V: using the middle and the index finger of both your hands, make a V sign with each, and positioning the fingers at each end of the eyebrows, apply pressure towards the outside with the index fingers on both the eyes. Then looking upwards form a strong squint by moving the lower eyelids upwards. Finish by squeezing the eyes close for about 10 seconds.
  • Circle the eyes: with your index fingers, gently start tapping around the eyes, starting from the top of your eyebrows and continue under the eyes to form a circle. Repeat the same motion of tapping, the other way around. This will help the muscles around the eyes to relax and also improve blood circulation that will help minimize the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Face yoga for forehead

The exercise explained here are one of the best ageless face exercises that will help you get a smooth forehead. Simply widen your eyes as much as you can to expose the maximum of the white of the eyes, until your eyes start to water. This will make the muscles around your eyes and forehead work out, hence providing a good amount of blood to flow eliminating wrinkles and smoothen the forehead. Plus a good amount of toxins will get removed from your system through the water of your eyes.

Face yoga for cheeks and neck

Performing this ageless face exercise is quite easy. You just need to take a deep breath through your mouth and hold it in so that your cheeks are puffed. Gently tap your swollen cheeks to increase the blood flow. Release breath after a few seconds. Repeat this for 5-6 times to firm your cheek muscles. For eliminating the aging signs from your neck, face yoga dubbed baby bird can be done. To perform this face yoga, press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and then swallow with your head tilted towards the ceiling. This will strengthen your neck and jaw muscles.

These ageless face exercises are becoming increasingly popular among  celebrities like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. Being simple and easy to perform, anyone can try these yoga exercises and get that ‘forever young’ beauty. However, along with these facial yoga exercises, consuming an anti-oxidant rich diet is also vital to boost their advantages and get the desired youthful skin.

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