Instagram Spotlight of the Week : Model Nikia Phoenix On Her Freckles

Living with freckles is no joke! But, then we aren’t just living in any ordinary century, are we? Women around the world with freckles are breaking stereotypes and shining in the spotlight.

The most recent among all is a model, Nikia Phoenix. And, her beautiful freckles are the ones trending on Instagram this week. Despite being a dermatologist’s boon, she’s lived with it since she was four through those times when they weren’t trendy at all. When no one was drawing on freckles or getting freckle tattoos. Today like all other women actors and models with freckles she would not want to change her skin, even if given an opportunity. And, then why should she? After all, it’s something that helped her define herself.

Do you have freckles too? Are you proud of yourself the way she is? Share your story.

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