Postpartum haemorrhage or postpartum bleeding involves a woman experiencing abnormal bleeding after birthing a child. This is primary postpartum bleeding and it is a condition also medically referred to as Lochia that involves the blood of above 500ml and up to 1,000ml within the first day of giving birth. Excessing bleeding from the second day and up to 6 months later is called secondary postpartum haemorrhage. Post pregnancy bleeding is likely to be experienced by women who deliver through the C-section mainly due retention of some part of the placenta after delivery. However, women who deliver the natural way can also experience this condition if they got into some birthing complications. 

Postpartum bleeding symptoms 

Heavy and uncontrolled vaginal bleeding that immediately soaks even the best postpartum pads and refuses to stop.

Increase in the heart pulse due to the sudden major decrease of blood in the body.

Falling blood pressure due to its low volume, despite the increased heart rate. 

Increased respiratory rate

Blood keeps the body warm and thus the significant blood loss may make the woman feel abnormally cold, and she may also feel faint and dizzy when she tries to stand and take a walk.

Increased fever in excess of 100˚C or excessive fall in body temperature.

Nasty cramps and severe abdominal pains

Circulatory shock characterized by dizziness, weakness, cold and damp skin, blurred vision, confusion, etc.

Best pads for postpartum bleeding
  • Organic pads- organic postpartum pads are made of organic material such as organic cotton. These pads are free of chlorine and other materials such as dyes, perfumes, and plastics, thus appropriate for those with sensitive skin. Most of the organic pads are also biodegradable, thus safe for the environment. 
  • Always maxi pads- these types of pads have wings hence they comfortably and securely fit on the innerwear. They are also ultra-long, wider and thus they are ultra-absorbing. 
  • Natracare napkins- these pads are also organic and are made of organic cotton. They are amazingly thick, soft and long thus they offer good absorption but most of them wingless.
  • Covidien- this brand of the postpartum pad is affordable and it provides efficient absorbency and they are also irritation-free. 

There are several other postnatal pads that will offer you excellent absorbency and comfort when you are haemorrhaging after giving birth, but you need to know the factors to look out for in the best postpregancy pad.

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