How To Deal With Puberty In An Autistic Daughter?

You have a daughter with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and she is going to go through her puberty and you are concerned about her dealing with it. Your daughter will get through it in the same manner as other teenage girls make out, but she will call for a little extra support and understanding from you to manage the physical changes in her. The biggest physical change that she will encounter in her, is the first period. Dealing with it, at first, would be difficult for her, or she may even feel disturbed during her puberty. There are many hormonal changes that take place during puberty, which result in:

  • Development of breasts
  • Under arm hair growth
  • Pubic hair growth
  • Mood swings
  • Cranky nature

If your girl has grown some underarm hair, it means period is around the corner. Because of the fact that you don’t know when your daughter will get her first period, you must start talking about it early.

Most girls get their first period between age of 11 to 16, some may even get after 16. Girls with ASD often need longer to adjust and cope up with the changes in their lives than normal growing girls. Therefore, you need to familiarize your girl with the coming changes by:

  • Making her aware of the sanitary pads and tampons. Show it to her as a big band aid initially, which will stop the blood from vagina.
  • Ask her to be secretive about it and not to discuss it on a lunch table in school.
  • Explain everything in detail about how the menstruation cycle works in a girl’s body by using pictures and graphics.
  • You can even give her a book to read about how everything happens.
  • Explain her all the symptoms she might feel before her periods.

What to do when her periods start

  • Talk to the nurse at her School. Nurse won’t provide sanitary pads or won’t help your daughter in putting and removing her pads, therefore, it is important that you talk to your daughter’s school nurse.
  • Tell the staff at her school that your daughter’s period has begun.
  • Discuss frankly what you want them to do, when your daughter gets her period at school. It may include going to the bathroom with her, provide her a sanitary pad and all.

Since your daughter’s needs are special, her school won’t hesitate to provide her with that.

Period Independence

How would your daughter feel if she gets independence from changing pads during the day and night. She doesn’t have to use conventional pads and tampons at all, yes, this is possible with Lunapanties. Lunapanties give her the independence of changing the whole panty whenever she needs to. Changing the disposable pad is irritating and difficult for them. Therefore, Luna panties may help your daughter be free during her periods.

For those, who are unaware of Lunapanties, they are multi functional protective underwear meant for low, moderate and heavy flow. It has a built-in cotton panel to absorb the leakage from low to moderate to heavy. It can also be reused.

Dealing with your autism afflicted daughter could be difficult or easy at the same time at the onset of puberty. Not all autistic girls face problem during their period, but moms have to stay alert during their daughters’ puberty and its their duty to explain everything to them. You can also take help of her teachers in explaining her about the physical changes she is going through. The path is slightly difficult but only you can deal with the two – autism and puberty.

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