Are you overweight and want to lose weight? Then you have landed on the right page here. We have certain sets of exercises which will answer your question on how to lose weight. That too without going to the gym. Yes, you heard it right without going to the gym. Here is an infographic by Popsugar showing how to perform these exercises.

It will hardly take you 10-20 minutes depending upon the number of circuits you repeat with 1 circuit being if you are a beginner. As you progress day by day you can increase the number of repetitions. So you can now get ready for a bikini beach body by doing these simple sets of exercises. You can also do these exercises if you are traveling as it doesn’t require any special kind of equipment. All the mentioned exercises are bodyweight exercises which will help you see the changes in your body during the first month itself. So what are you waiting for! try for yourself and get the results.

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