How To Look Stunning For Thanksgiving

For those who plan on stuffing up food and pie with reckless wildness and still want to look cool, outfits need to be proper. For such foody occasions, you need a dress that keeps you comfortable and in a safe zone. It should not highlight the area you want to keep hidden. I hope you know what I am talking about. Enjoy the occasion with these Thanksgiving beauty tips and stunning outfit options:

Drawstring PJ trousers

If you are not in your senses after a heavy drink and dance party, these PJ pants will save you from the embarrassment of slipping clothes. I am not recommending you pajamas for a Thanksgiving party but Drawstring, slouchy, soft trousers. These are cool and comfortable for such an occasion. Wear it with a cool guy blouse and a chic pair of heels, and you will look just perfect.

Jeggings with Peplum top

Switch jeans to jeggings this time, jeggings are in, this season, and moreover, Lycra keeps you comfortable all the time. Pair it with a peplum top that would also help you hide the food bulge. It is designed in a way that the ruffle hits just below the ribcage, where all stuffage shows. Jeggings or stretchy jeans will keep you in the crowd and won’t let you take Thanksgiving too far.

Leather skirt and warm knitwear

Don’t forget, it’s Thanksgiving and you need to keep yourself warm. A leather skirt with knitted pullover will make you look stunning. Warm up your legs with woolen tights and pair it with your ankle boots. This dress is perfect for dinner with friends. After all, it’s an occasion to show off your cool new finds.

After, you have discovered what to wear, you surely need some Thanksgiving makeup tips to complete your look. At this Thanksgiving dinner, try the following beauty tips.
For your eyes, you must go for fall colors such as cranberry and blackberry that even complement Thanksgiving dinner.

Berry red

It is one of the hues for Thanksgiving, so why not try this delectable hue. Try swiping cranberry-red eyeshadow on your eyelids for a unique and subtle look or apply berry -inspired eye shadow over your lid along with the lower lash line. Make sure it is not very dark highlighting your eyes more than any other facial feature. Finish the look with a layer or two of mascara.

Retro look

For a more formal Thanksgiving dinner, opt for thick cat-eye and sophisticated rose lip for a retro vibe. Use a creamy, easy-to-glide eyeliner pencil and draw a thick line along your upper eyelids past the outside corners of your eyes so that it creates a wing. Go back to inside corner of the eye, so that it makes a triangle, fill it with the pencil and thicken it. Color your lips with rose hue and a hint of pink on your cheeks. This will complete your retro look and will make you look more formal and edgy. But, do not overdo anything.

Touch of warm colors

Keep your makeup pallet warm, as fall is the season, golden hues will look stunning on you. Champagne golds, copper browns and smooth emerald greens are perfect for creating dramatic eyes. If you don’t want your eyes to look over the top, slight golden touch on your eyes and nude pinks for the lips will go. For a hotter look, deep burgundy for the lips are perfect and will give a perfect pout for Thanksgiving party.

All these trendy Thanksgiving makeup tips is an addition to overall beauty tips for Thanksgiving and will help you look stunning this year. So, buckle up to get compliments from everyone.

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