No marriages come well defined in their status. It is the two people into it who either make it work or mar it miserably. All marriages go through some of the worst phases. Some, however, come out of it as winners, and, some lose hope midway.

Read on for the expert tips for having a happy married life.

Practice appreciation
It is true that partners who constantly criticize each other end up separating or staying together unhappily ever after. As human beings, when we get criticized, we tend to defend ourselves or start feeling low about ourselves.

As a partner of your beloved darling, you should appreciate and respect your partner the most. Make sure that your partner is constantly made aware of his/her talent and strengths.

Learn to appreciate the goodness in them. Of course, you should complaint about something that you feel gives you unhappiness. But, keep the complaint subtle and less frequent.

Be mindful of your words
This tip is of paramount importance for staying in a healthy and happy married life. Watch your words before they come out in a bad way. Do not make a mistake of starting a conversation by referring your partner to anything negative or mean. As, for instance, do not say that “you never change do that” or “why did I marry you”.
The truth is, most of the times the person saying it does not mean it. However, the person who gets to hear it feels terribly hurt. So, by all means, avoid saying such harmful words to your partner.

Laughter will surely help
“Couples, who laugh together, stay together”. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to do – laugh together over the silliest jokes or while reminiscing older funny times?
Laughing together helps in staying bonded and signifies a healthy state of mind and relationship. So, laugh intensely but together.

Learn to understand silences
It’s a good idea to confront and sort any emotional conflicts by having a word with each other. However, one should also not deny the power of silence in a married life. Sometimes, it is best to just let it go. For that, you need to have lot of faith and understanding amongst each other.
You have to be sure that not every affront was meant and that it was just a temporary ugly state of mind that got those words out. Learn to forgive and forget.

Show compassion
We get married because we carry a strong need to be loved. As a partner, who has promised to love the better half in all situations should show lot of compassion to the beloved at all times.
You don’t have to try hard to do exciting thing in your marriage. Just a simple hug everyday or saying something beautiful at the right occasions should suffice.  Compassion can be through words and behavior. It’s all about doing things for your partner.

Couples who are happy in their married lives know the value of doing small little things for each other. They know they are not perfect themselves and should not expect their partners to be flawless. It is all about wanting the person the most and leaving no stones unturned to having a happy married life.

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