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5Ws Agenda for Women to Get Into The Desired Shape

During this lockdown most of us are not able to take care of our fitness but now its time to take care of your fitness seriously. Women mostly focus more on losing fat and muscle gain mostly takes the backseat there. This may have to do mostly with a stereotype on physique and gender, whereas muscles are often associated with masculinity.

What Makes a Woman’s Body Different from Men?

In short, if you’re a woman who is willing to improve her body composition, so the key points to remember are as below:

  • Women can easily make as much muscle gains as compare to the men. But most people are too afraid that they would automatically start looking like The Hulk if they would opt for strength training.
  • While the protein usually gets a lot of attention as part of the diet to change body composition, so don’t be afraid of carbs and dietary fat. The strength that you put into the gym may be useless if you don’t stick to a more solid meal plan with the right balance of macros. While the physical activity can help your body more effectively to burn and use carbohydrates, don’t be afraid of the consumption of carbs.
  • You will start seeing the positive body composition changes with higher load volume paired with the shorter rest periods while doing weight training.
  • Lastly, keep mixing up your daily workouts, by challenging yourself. When your body is has started to do new things constantly, accomplishing your desired body composition outcomes are just around the corner!

There Are 3 Body Types?

1. Ectomorph

It is naturally very thin, which has narrow hips and shoulders, a very low body fat and very thin arms and legs. In this body type it does not matter that how much a person eat but there is no weight gain. Also not everyone is looking to lose weight.

2. Mesomorph

This kind is in between the Endomorph and the Ectomorph. They are able to put on to the muscle easily and genetically they are the ideal body type for bodybuilding. They too have very strong legs, narrower waist and broad shoulders. They too also have very low body fat as well.

3. Endomorph

This kind of body type is more round and pear-shaped. They store a more body fat throughout the entire body, especially in the arm and legs. It’s much harder for the them to put on muscle and much easier to gain weight easily. You just need to be thankful for the body you have and work towards becoming more fit and healthy. It take a much more time and effort than for the Mesomorph.

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