After you turn 30, some physical changes start taking place inside your body— slow metabolism is one of them due to which one tends to gain weight. But it is comparatively easy to lose weight or burn stomach fat in 30’s than in your late 40’s or 50’s. Remember, you are not that old, all you need is to do is to take care of some basic health issues and you are absolutely good to go. At this age, you need to indulge in activities more, in order to avoid any extra fat adding to your belly. Follow this daily regime to lose belly fat after 30:

Determine Basal metabolic rate
In contrast to your 20’s, you burn 47 calories less in your 30’s, according to the BMI Calculator, which can make it difficult to lose belly fat. If you don’t modify your eating habits accordingly, it may lead to weight gain upto 5 lbs. each year. In order to maintain the right weight you have to find out the basal metabolic rate, BMR (the rate at which the body uses energy while at rest to maintain vital functions such as breathing and keeping warm), for your weight and age and determine how many calories you need to take per day.

Exercise and manage Time
You can’t skip this, whether you want it or not, you have to take out time to exercise. Treat it as you treat other important activities that are needed to maintain health. Since, you have more responsibilities in 30’s as compared to 20’s– work, marriage, children maybe, all this can make it difficult to schedule time for exercise. Try getting up 30 to 60 minutes early in the morning and exercise at least five days a week to burn that extra stomach fat.

Sleep well
It is very simple, but very important indeed. Taking a goodnight sleep is very important to lose that extra belly fat. When we are sleeping, our body is at rest and it gets time to be stable, where all our body parts are rejuvenated and are prepared to work fresh in the morning. Taking a proper sleep in the night helps improve metabolism and moreover, you feel fresh and eat appropriately. Lack of sleep leads to irregular eating habits which in turn leads to weight gain and sometimes, obesity. So burn that stomach fat now, by taking a complete night sleep.

Seek Support
Join any health group, where they teach you how to cook healthy meals or join some activity group, where you can do various activities like playing, running or dancing, maybe. It helps a lot, especially when you are in your 30’s, when you are under so much stress, workload and responsibilities. All these activities after 30 would help you cut that extra belly fat. Weight-loss program generally, can be very overwhelming– exercise and dieting aren’t that easy. Seek motivational support in the form of these support groups.

30’s aren’t that easy age to handle, your shoulders are heavy and you are weak. So, be strong to handle that overwhelming endeavor of yours. Hope, these tips would help you overcome all the age hassles and help you emerge as a winner every time.

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