Beauty Sleep: Your Best Beauty Treatment For Christmas

If you are wondering how to look wonderful this Christmas, slumber is the best natural beauty treatment. Forget all the stress and get your share of beauty sleep at this time of the year. Get seven to nine hours of sleep every night to wake up illuminating in the morning. A good nights sleep along with some personal care will ascertain that you wake up with amazing benefits in the morning:

Radiant Glow
As you relax in the night by snoozing out in the bed, your body produces growth hormones – hormones that stimulate collagen production. Skin loses nearly 25 percent more water in the night than in the day when these metabolic activities are taking place. To conceal the moisture inside, sleep by putting on a nice hydrating moisturizer on your face. This leaves your skin moisturized and fresh in the morning.

Beautiful awakened eyes
Beauty sleep is most important for beautiful looking eyes. All the fluid moves up to your eyes while you are sleeping, so dab some gel containing caffeine to keep your skin tight. Sleeping in the right postures is also very important to avoid bags under your eyes when you wake up in the morning. Avoid eating salt in the dinner and stick to only one glass of wine, both of these can cause bloating.

Smooth Skin
It is extremely important to relax for a healthy and toned body, similarly when you sleep, your body is relaxing and you get toned skin. Overnight, skin cells regenerate and facial muscles that create lines relax, thereby giving you a toned and tight skin. Apply Dermology anti-aging product before sleeping to enhance the effects.

Voluptuous Lips
While in bed, your body has enough time to regenerate and relax. Swiping on a rich balm on your lips will help your cracked and parched lips to heal, as there is enough time for the balm to penetrate into the skin. But before this, don’t forget to exfoliate your lips using a wet washcloth.

How it works:

  • In the first three hours of sleep, you get the deepest sleep of the night and your body produces maximum growth hormones, which is crucial for skin and hair repair.
  • In the next two hours, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) begins and melatonin ( skin protecting anti-oxidant) increases.
  • Last three hours, you get the most REM sleep and your skin’s temperature reaches its lowest point. This helps the muscles to relax, giving skin its deepest recovery.

Since, beauty sleep gives you so much, try to maintain a proper sleep routine.

Learn how to get better beauty sleep:

  • Leave stress away from the bed. We think about most of our problems in our bed, but don’t do that. Share your problem with anyone– friend, husband, mom anyone, but go to the bed light-headed.
  • Wake up time should be the same. Go to the bed at the same time every day, and wake up at the same time every morning. This routine is good for the skin.
  • Try and sleep on your back, rather than on your front. Front sleeping presses your face into the pillow and creates a meshing of fine lines when you wake up.
  • Use silk cover on your pillows. It is better for your skin to sleep on extra thread cover.

Sleeping better should be your agenda this Christmas and forget all other instant hacks. Just sleep well this Christmas to look at your best. Stay beautiful.

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