Popular Nipple Rings Trends you Need to Know in 2022

So, you consider yourself to be an edgy individual. This means you are always on the lookout for upgrading your appearance. This style statement suits personality of every other individual, color, and size doesn’t matter when you planning to upgrade fashion.

To help you out, I have come up with our nipple jewelry guide, So Let’s explore the top popular Nipple Rings trends you must know to grab everyone’s attention towards you!

Popular Nipple Rings Trends you Need to Know in 2022

Straight Barbells

Straight barbell nipple jewelry is the most functional nipple jewelry. You can choose a basic barbell or colored ends. Getting a pearl straight barbell would be the ideal choice for a basic yet elegant style.

Circular & Bent Barbells

To add elegance to your piercing, choose a diamond and gold circular barbell. You can also choose barbells with gemstones to achieve a gem-encrusted effect.

Clicker Ring Hoops

If you’re looking for a small and elegant classic piece, this pearl-hinged clicker ring is ideal. This adaptable hoop is available in a variety of sizes to match any of your body piercings.

The Bottom line

All of these Nipple Rings trends are going to be hot this year. So, whether you choose diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry, or platinum jewelry, you will always be ahead of the fashion curve.

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