Inch Closer To Golden Ratio With These Tips

Do you think mathematics has nothing to do with the art of beauty? You are wrong. I used to feel the same until I came to know about an arithmetic secret behind beauty – Golden Ratio. It has been discovered by the advocates of golden ratio who believe that queen Nefertiti, fits into the perfect golden ratio, that made her the most beautiful women in the world.

I know it is complicated, but you need not bother about the golden ratio or symmetry for your eyes, nose, face, forehead, chin and so on. If you are imperfect, you are just perfect. This is what you can do to make your face imperfectly perfect:

For your eyes only

According to the golden ratio beauty, the width of your eye should be equal to distance between the two eyes. This may or may not be possible. For instance, if you have smaller eyes, the distance between them could be more than their width. So, in order to make your eyes look bigger, try white eye shadow. If that is too much for a beginner, try nude liners that too have the same effect on the eyes and it looks more natural and subtle. Use a pencil or a shadow to dot the inner corners of your eyes. This will make your white liner bright and your beautiful eyes wide open.

For your lips

The distance from the bottom of the nose to the top of the lips should be equal to the distance from the bottom of the lips to the very bottom of the chin, according to the golden ratio beauty calculator. If your lips are too small or too big, this ratio isn’t going to work. For instance, Angelina Jolie has a wider lower lip, which hinders her face symmetry, but that doesn’t make her less beautiful.

  • To hide your lips, dab a liquid foundation on your lips or hide the edges with a concealer.
  • Use lighter shade lipsticks or learn how to use bright lipsticks.
  • Define your lips with neutral or nude lip liner. It will help.
  • Smile and stay hydrated, your lips should not look dry.

For your broad forehead

No one has been able to escape the embarrassment of having a broad forehead not even Angelina Jolie. Though it is nothing to be ashamed of, but certain hairstyles highlight your forehead, for instance, high ponies and fierce pull back styles. So try and adopt fringes or use snazzy bands that eat up few inches of your forehead.

For that perfect smile

The most important beauty secret of your face is a beautiful Smile. Not every one has a perfect smile and according to golden ratio beauty calculator, if your front two teeth make a rectangle, you have a perfect smile. But that’s not a case with everyone. With her wide eyes and beautiful features, Jackie Kennedy Onassis’, (first lady of USA in 1961) small teeth suited her face. It means the set of teeth you have are perfect for you. Aesthetic dentists also say, one size does not fit all, every face require a teeth arrangement that is positioned within the framework of lips and other facial structures.

The length of your ear should be equal to length of your nose. Yea yea, this golden beauty ratio is a kind of tricky and uncomprehending until you have read a thesis on it. But I hope this article helps you to understand the basics of golden ratio and you can transform your features near to perfection, accordingly.

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