Best Healthy Pregnancy Tips For Weight Gain- Infographic

During your pregnancy, craving is known hit hard. However, following through with every craving isn’t the best for your and your baby’s health. You can provide the essential nutrients your body needs by eating the right foods throughout your pregnancy. Don’t forget that what you eat today can affect your baby’s health tomorrow.

Here is an infographic by UnityPoint on how much weight gain is right during pregnancy

 healthy pregnancy tips

Here are Some Healthy Pregnancy Tips For Mothers To Be:

  • Don’t forget breakfast- Try fortified ready-to-eat or cooked breakfast cereals with fruits. Whole wheat toast will also help you recover soon if in case you feel sick.
  • Eat foods with fiber- Choose a variety of vegetables and fruits like carrots, cooked greens bananas, and melon. Try brown rice or oatmeal.


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