Female body hair has been the most bothersome issue since ages. Though a multitude of methods have been in practice but none of them gives you hopes of achieving a hair free skin. Women are blessed with lighter hair on their bodies as compared to men, but unfortunately some women due to some medical reasons have much more hair on their bodies than normal. This condition is called hirsutism aka excessive hair growth.

A few reasons of hirsutism:
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
High blood sugar
Cushing’s Syndrome
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

For this, one must keep a check on the glycemic index of foods she is eating. So, what is glycemic index?
Glycemic index is a number related to a specific type of food indicating its effect on an individual’s blood glucose level. This is relatively a new approach in health care. Initially designed to help people control their blood sugar level, it is now used in curing other medical conditions as well, like hirsutism. It is recommended that one keeps a check at the glycemic index of the diet they are eating. This may pave way for convenience in female body hair removal as they will not have to deal with dark, coarse hair caused by hirsutism.

The big question, what leads to hirsutism or excessive female body hair growth?

When we chow down something, especially carbohydrates, it is broken down by the enzymes in the body into glucose. This enhances blood sugar level in the body. Glucose level is regularly checked by a series of hormones in the human body. For instance, if the sugar level increases a set amount, then the pancreas release a hormone, insulin. This lowers glucose levels in the body. But, if one is eating carbohydrates on a regular basis, then the bodily cells become less responsive towards insulin. This implies more insulin is required to check insulin.

Insulin in excess induces adrenal glands and ovaries to produce androgens or male sex hormones. The male hormones can trigger symptoms like acne, moodiness and an increased chances of a woman to encounter cardiac diseases besides female body hair growth on parts like chin and chest. Not only this, more and more insulin hinders with pituitary gland hormones in the brain. These are known for checking ovulation and production of female sex hormones resulting in infertility and complete absence or irregularity in monthly menstrual periods.
Don’t feel disheartened. Just abstain yourself from unhealthy lifestyle as you can deal with it with the right diet plan. So, take
Sufficient amount of proteins
Include chromium and glycyrrhizin in diet
Magnesium rich foods
An increased amount of Vitamin B
No calorie intake after 6 pm

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