Body Positivity Quotes – Motivational Quotes That Will KeepYou Moving!

  • Sometimes there’s nothing more motivating than an inspirational quote. Quotes about body positivity, self-esteem, and body image aren’t an exception; and when you’re battling body image issues or looking to spice up your self-esteem reading an inspiring quote is often just the starter motor I want to feel better about myself.
  • “If negativity isn’t helping try positivity instead.”
  • “You don’t seem to be a slip. You’re not a controversy to be solved. But you won’t discover this until you’re willing to prevent banging your head against the wall of shaming and caging and fearing yourself.” — Geneen Roth
  • Whether you’re religious or not, this can be a reminder that our bodies aren’t an issue to be solved, and trying to “fix” our bodies is merely visiting to make us more miserable.
  • Self-love is really one of all the best gifts you’ll give yourself. It freed up such a lot of mental space and helped me realize there’s such a lot more to life than hating myself.
  • The sooner we are able to all work out that being ourselves is that the only thanks to living, the higher off we are going to all be.
  • This is probably one of my favorites within the bunch. We can’t make loving ourselves and our bodies something we are going to do once we thin or get to our goal. we’ve got to try to do it now. We’ve to be told to like ourselves now or nothing will ever change.
  • I hated myself for years and it got me nowhere. I’ve made such a lot more progress on my goals, both body and otherwise, within the few years since I started loving myself than I did in my entire life before then.
  • Have you ever listened to a bit kid speak about their body? They’re amazed by everything it does and would never even consider listing all the items that are “wrong” with it or hate it because it doesn’t look a particular way. Let’s unlearn all our bad habits and find back thereto space.
  • First of all, I feel this one reasonably speaks for itself. Why have we made it so political and brave to like ourselves? Second, if you haven’t listened to Lizzo’s music you would like to try and do it immediately. Her self-love and body confidence is infectious.

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