It was a typical Sunday morning when you were just about to sit with your cup of coffee and the weekend special tabloid but a phone call came that left you in tears. You received some devastating news of your wife.

Yes, your world trembled when you were informed about your partner’s breast cancer by your family doctor. Of course, you want to help her cope with it but you’re not too sure yourself how to handle her emotions.

Here’s giving you some insights on as to how you can support someone battling with breast cancer. Hope it helps!

First thing, first!
Make sure that your loved ones who are diagnosed with breast cancer get the best medical treatment. Go out and talk to people who are qualified to give their opinions about the treatment. Look for different cancer related programs such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture, counseling or any such activities that can add value to the care of your loved one.
Remember, your loved one needs great medical care during the phase of breast cancer. So, leave no stones unturned and get the right resources employed.

Listen carefully
It never was and never will be easy for that someone who has been diagnosed with cancer to absorb the enormity of the whole situation. So, in the initial days they will have an outburst of emotions. Your job here is to be there for them, come what may. Let them cry, get angry or display their fears.
You should make them feel that they are not alone in this battle with their cancer. Make them believe that you are going to be with them till the end.

Stay non-judgmental
Never compare your loved one’s breast cancer with somebody else’s breast cancer. Each cancer is different and each individual’s coping thresholds are unique. So avoid drawing comparisons between other individuals and your loved one.
You must learn to stop judging the situation and the person diagnosed.

Create a positive mood
Sufferers of breast cancer go through a lot of emotional turmoil. So it certainly helps them if they stay in a positive and lighter environment throughout. You can make them laugh over some witty comments or you can remind them of the goodness that life has offered them.
Creating a positive environment will let them loosen up and not take their breast cancer very seriously. They will learn to feel joyous again in their lives.

Help them
It is essential to help the breast cancer patients with some fundamental household duties such as cooking and cleaning. Don’t wait for them to request you to help them. Instead you take the initiative to do the chores.
Help in doing anything and they will surely appreciate your efforts.

Ideally, you too should be taking tremendous care of yourself, both – physically and emotionally. It is imperative for you to stay healthy and this is how to support someone with breast cancer.
Eat, sleep and exercise well.

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