Health is influenced by more than our biology, lifestyles, and access to health care. Women must have access to information base about women’s health issues and the link between their health and socioeconomic roles. For example, research shows alcoholism affects men and women differently.  But prevention and treatment strategies and evaluation of their outcomes do not take this into account. Women’s health issues promotion and disease prevention focus and include analyses of health which take into account gender, social determinants, and diversity rather than using a narrow medical perspective. Common Women Health Issues promotion work aims to rectify the gender and structural inequalities. These affect the health and limit the lives of women.

Here check out the video by ‘bigthin” showing How to Promote Women’s Health. 

Women in the industry face considerable health hazards, e.g., textile workers at increased risk of several lung diseases. Appropriate expenditure on health and social services and sound economic policies at the central level will benefit women’s health.

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