Your body really changes after baby number 2 and it’s not necessarily the look that has moms less than satisfied, but it’s the way the weight has shifted and the seemingly slower reactions to dieting and fitness that puts a damper on the situation.  The key to keeping the mom bode tame is not to conduct daily body judgments but to alter your health accessories and activities to produce the results needed for your new lifestyle. In this post we are sharing, Best Mom Blog, City Chic Living’s,  4 Best Health and Fitness Accessories.

Fitness Accessories

FitTrack Health and Fitness Tracker

The FitTrack Scale and App allows you to be more proactive in identifying direct threats to your health. As we get age, it is important to track our movements and activity daily and to look for trends to become more aware of our health.

The FitTrack measures 17 key health and fitness metrics using its BIA Technology (Bioelectric Impedance Technology). The scale sends a very low, unnoticeable electrical signal through your feet, legs, and abdomen which passes through the water within your hydrated muscle tissue and meet resistance when it hits fat tissue allowing it to measure certain body metrics more accurately.  If you are pregnant or have a pacemaker, this accessory is NOT for you.

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Apple Watch – Health and Fitness Tracker

The health benefits of owning an Apple Watch have drastically improved through the years.  With the Series 4 you have your own mini health monitor with you at all times! You will be notified if you have a high, or alternatively a low, heart rate. If you fall, the watch will notify an emergency professional. It can detect when you need a breather and will send you a reminder to take a moment to yourself.

You can sync your watch with your iPhone’s Health app so that it complies all of your data in one easy to review place.

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StepBet Game

This app/game acts as a competition as well as a Health and Fitness Tracker. In StepBet you bet $40 that you can meet your daily step goal over 6 weeks. If you meet your goal, you get your $40 back plus you get to split the pot from other participants in the game who did not meet their goal! If you fail to complete your goal, you forfeit the money you originally bet ($40). What a motivator? Money!


Part of Mom Fitness is feeling confident that you look good while hitting up the gym. Looking the part really helps to motivate so there is no surprise that the proper fitness fashion would get a gal in the right mood to sweat. The best fitness brand for moms is Fabletics! Their sleek looks tend to enhance the shape and slim the waistline.

All of these amazing fitness accessories are super innovative and unique to women’s health and fitness especially if you are older than 30 and you are experiencing the slowing down of your metabolism.

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